SIA training for Security Officers and Door Supervisors

Do you employ SIA-licensed Security Officers or Door Supervisors?

There have been changes to the SIA Training requirements that you’ll need to share with new employees or those renewing their licences.

In April 2021, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) announced changes to the training for security officers required to obtain front line SIA Licences. This was in recognition that the private security industry is playing an increasingly important role in protecting the public.

The SIA training changes were developed following consultation with:

– Front line industry experts
– The National Counter Terrorism Security Office
– The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure
– Experts in physical intervention
– Coroner’s recommendations following an inquest into deaths involving security operatives;

as well as two rounds of public consultation with over 6,000 responses (most of which were from licence holders).

Across the board more practical assessments were introduced including:

– Searching
– Dealing with conflict
– Report/Statement writing
– Using communication devices

As a result, SIA training courses for newly qualifying security officers and door supervisors are both a day longer than they used to be.

If your employee is newly training to be a door supervisor this will take 6 or 7 days according to whether or not they are doing this with self-study. Training for Security Guarding will take 4 or 5 days.

The SIA training is being updated in stages. From April 2021 NEW applicants for a door supervisor or security licence must additionally have licence linked first aid training. This was something already required of those applying for a close protection licence.

From October 1st, 2021, this requirement to have a first aid licence also applies to those renewing their licence or to those who held last held their licence more than 3 years ago.

In April 2022 there will be an update in training for close protection licences.

Renewing their licence after October 1st

There are two options available to your employee as a door supervisor:

1.They take top up training and renew their licence
2.They take security guard top up training and switch to a security guard

In either case BEFORE they take top up training they MUST have an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification or equivalent such as FAW (First Aid at Work) FPOS (First Person on Scene) or FREC (First Response Emergency Care).

It may be tempting for someone who is renewing their licence to take the shorter (and therefore cheaper) security guard training, but they must take their duties into account. For example, if they are guarding licensed premises, they will need to renew their door supervisor licence.

Please note prices are set by the training providers not the SIA. You can use the SIA website to search for a Trainer.

What’s included in the top up training?

Across 2 days, Supervisors will additionally be trained in:

– Using equipment
– Updated terror threat awareness
– Refresher training in the theory and practice of physical intervention skills
– Knowledge around critical incidents (such as knowing where to access official guidance)

Across half a day Security Guards will be officially trained in:

– Updated terror threat awareness
– The theory of physical intervention
– Knowledge around critical incidents

Training is delivered in a range of ways including face to face, self-study or within a virtual classroom. However, the physical intervention skills can obviously only be taught face to face.

There will be 3 exams for supervisors and 2 for security guards.

For detailed answers to any questions you may have around this training we recommend you visit this resource changes to SIA licence-linked training – GOV.UK (

We hope this has been helpful. Please get in touch if you would like our help with your BS7858:2019 security vetting of your employees, we’d be happy to help.