The vital role that cleaning companies play in the UK economy

Cleaning and the UK economy

An often-quoted figure of £13.7 billion is said to be the cost to the UK economy of poor office hygiene.

This is perhaps hardly surprising when we know that viruses that can survive on equipment for a scarily long time:


However, much of this is largely preventable through thorough and regular cleaning.

And we think it’s fair to say that it has taken the Coronavirus pandemic for office, shop, restaurant and hotel owners to now understand that this has become a duty of care as well as a requirement to demonstrate confidence in the proven cleanliness of a workspace or customer facing environment.

Post pandemic cleaning

As an increasing number of people are vaccinated in the UK, we’ve moved to a new normal where venues and offices are fully open, and it’s now generally appreciated that a safe and healthy workplace gives business the best chance of running with few interruptions.

Whilst this is a great commercial opportunity, the challenge for most cleaning companies is now the employment of sufficient staff in a sector that traditional has a high staff turnover. Alongside this is the challenge of the security vetting of employees – something with which we can help!

Why is security vetting important for cleaning companies?

– The new employer may well ask for security vetting as a condition of contract – hardly surprising when their facilities are being accessed by contract cleaners out of hours
– Because you are placing employees in environments that require a high degree of trust, you need to ensure any areas of concern are revealed prior to someone starting employment
– By law, criminal record checks are required for all workers in schools and care homes
– You need to check that your potential employees have a legal right to work in the UK (or risk heavy fines).

How do you get criminal record checks turned around quickly – and at a reasonable price?

A new contract is likely to require a speedy expansion of your cleaning company’s team. So you might be interested to know that our self-managed platform for Basic DBS Checks costs from just £5.50 per check in admin fees (plus the usual statutory disclosure fee) and can be turned round in just 2 days on average.

Find out more here. and please get in touch if you would like to get further information about our service or about us actually doing the criminal record checks for you!