Pre-Employment Screening packages for Elite Staff

Who do you trust with your client’s pride & joy?

When you’re operating in a prestigious arena it’s important that your service providers consistently support your ability to meet – or even better exceed – your clients’ expectations.

This is particularly the case at the luxury end of the market where your customer base expects nothing but the best.

Security & Vetting Solutions are used to supporting companies who work in this sort of environment and our clients stay with us because our diligent and flexible team is known for going the extra mile and can be relied upon to help them do the same.

We’re always interested to hear about sectors that have to keep one step ahead in this respect. If you are hiring out a superyacht, for example, there’s obviously an ongoing requirement to work with specialists who can provide the latest in devices for the comfort and safety of their wealthy clientele.

A huge amount of turnover is used to source all sorts of specialist equipment which is used to monitor, detect, track, classify and alert operators about security risks from paparazzi to pirates! This may include wonderful James Bond like kit such as:

– Underwater sonar detection
– Anti-drone protection
– Cloaking devices

The Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

However, providing peace of mind and security for your clients is not just about specialist equipment.

In high-net-worth customer facing sectors it’s also about working with specialists who understand how vital it is to your professional integrity that you employ the very best in fully vetted and experienced personnel.

In some cases, we recognise that there are extra strains on the business. Personnel may need to be recruited worldwide and contracts can be short term with fast turnover.

Crewing agencies for example will be constantly required to provide Captains, Engineers, Deckhands and Stewards, so crew vetting needs to be fast and utterly reliable.

If this is the same in your sector, we can certainly support you as a trusted and experienced security vetting and pre-employment screening partner in this respect. And you will find us equally helpful if you are required to provide allied services such as:

– Security Guards
– Door Supervisors
– Dog Handlers
– CCTV Operatives
– Close Protection

Our Pre-Employment Screening Service for job roles within high end sectors is available in 3, 5 or 10 year screening packages. Full referencing is usually completed in 20 days however clients using our criminal record checks service see an average turnaround of just two days.

Read more about our Basic Disclosure Checks.

Screening packages can be international and include:

– Employment history to verify that potential staff are who they say they are and
have worked where they claim to have worked
– Civil history – we can make sure that they are free of county court judgements
or insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings
– Criminal history both for the UK and abroad
– Passport and driving licence verification
– Educational and professional credentials
– Social media searches and profiling.

The question is – do you spend thousands on the best and most advanced technology and then do nothing to assess the risk of the background of the people who use it?

If you would like to find out how we can support your organisation, please do get in touch.