Pre-employment Screening

In order to get employment, applicants may be evasive, or choose to conceal certain information or make false or unsubstantiated claims. You might also see unexplained gaps in employment history or a lack of paperwork. All of these are bound to make you concerned about your applicant’s integrity or reliability
For these reasons we offer standard and bespoke packages of pre-employment screening services which covers all the bases, as part of this if we discover any negative or business critical issues we will immediately advise you. Available in 5 or 10 year employment history screening options, pre-employment screening come in three forms standard, premium (also includes **verifications) and bespoke.

Our Pre-employment Screening Service Includes:

  • Confirmation of the name, date of birth, current address and right to work
  • 5 year career history reference checks of employment, self-employment and unemployment
  • Independent verification of any career gap which exceeds 31 days
  • 1 character reference,
  • Academic checks as appropriate
  • Financial Public record check: CCJ’s, insolvency, bankruptcy, IVA's and company directorships
  • Basic Criminal Record Disclosure
  • **Up to 2 verbal confirmations of professional membership status and grade
  • **Online and printed media search in the area of the candidate’s current residence
  • **Name match check against HM Treasury’s frozen asset list (Financial Sanctions)
  • **Detailed variance report

Need help finding the right service?

The requirements for pre-employment screening are not always that straightforward - which is why we’re more than happy to help with any queries you may have. Just get in touch.

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