DBS Update Service

What is the DBS Update Service?

The DBS Update Service allows individuals to request up-to-date Standard or Enhanced DBS certificates after their certificate has been issued via a DBS Umbrella Body, such Security & Vetting Solutions Ltd.

For an annual fee of £13 or free for volunteers (as defined by the DBS), the applicant can have their DBS certificate data kept up-to-date by the Disclose Barring Service. This can be used for new employment purposes if the same level of DBS checks is required or existing employment, where up-to-date certificates / criminal record checks are required.

How to join?

This service is available to any applicant applying for Standard or Enhanced DBS checks after their DBS check has been processed. Once the applicant has received their DBS reference number they are able to join the DBS Update Service.

The applicant can register within 30 days of their DBS certificate being issued. The easiest way is to do it via the DBS website.

Why join?

Joining the DBS Update Service will provide the applicant with up-to-date Standard or Enhanced DBS certificate information. The benefits to the applicant are:

  • May save time and money
  • Only one DBS certificate is all the applicant may need
  • Transfer the DBS certificate from role to role within the same workforce
  • The applicant is in control of their DBS certificate
  • Have up-do-date DBS certificate information prior to applying for a new role

While the main purpose of the DBS Update Service is to benefit the applicant, it also may be a solution for organisations who require Standard or Enhanced DBS certificate renewals. Advising your employees to join the Update Service may help your organisation:

  • To save time & money
  • Always have up-to-date certificate information
  • Simple online process to check the certificate – no requirement to keep any hard copies!

How to renew use of DBS Update Service?

A subscription to the DBS Update Service lasts for one year. The applicant can renew their subscription through the Update Service, either:

  • When they first register, by choosing automatic renewal
  • Up to 30 days before their current subscription ends, but not on the last day of their subscription

If the applicant has failed to renew their subscription before it ends, they would have to apply for new DBS checks via a DBS Umbrella Body and register for the Update Service again.

Can SVS help to register?

The DBS Update Service is a direct service provided by the DBS to the applicant and a DBS Umbrella Body such as SVS would be unable to register the applicant or renew their subscription. Only the applicant would have access to their DBS account.

However, in order to have the opportunity to join the DBS Update Service the applicant has to be placed though Standard or Enhanced DBS checks first. As an Umbrella Body of the DBS, Security & Vetting Solutions can process these checks subject to satisfying the DBS eligibly criteria.

If your organisation requires Standard or Enhanced DBS checks for your employees, please contact us to find how we can help!