What is Baseline Personnel Security Standard

What is BPSS?

The Baseline Personnel Security Standard, or BPSS, is a pre-employment screening standard for employees and contractors working in Government departments. This standard is required for anyone who, in the course of their work, has access to Government assets. Quite simply this is the first level of security screening for Government contracts.

BPSS also forms a part of more advanced Government screening standards such Security Clearance (CS) or Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) which are typically required when access to SECRET Government assets is necessary.

Why is BPSS necessary?

Baseline Personnel Security Standard screening is required for employment in the civil service and armed forces and applies to both permanent and temporary staff and private sector employees working on Government contracts, with access to Government assets. BPSS checks help mitigate the risk associated with individuals working with potentially sensitive information.

Whilst BPSS screening is a Government screening standard, it may also be used to satisfy a client’s screening requirements if similar checks are requested. It may be even used as an internal, new employee screening standard, where individuals might be working with sensitive information.

What checks are included?

BPSS screening consists of four key elements:
• Confirmation of name, date of birth, identity and current address
• Verification of Right to Work in the UK
• Basic Criminal record disclosure
• A minimum of 3 years employment history check including verification of any gaps over 31 days.

Additional checks, such as financial background or education verification may also be included as part of the BPSS process.

How does it work?

Security & Vetting Solutions can manage the entire BPSS screening process from start to finish and we aim to complete all checks within 10 to 20 days. In case delays do arise, our Vetting Officers will always keep you updated. They will also work together with the applicants to resolve any queries to mitigate any delay.

Upon completion of BPSS screening, Security & Vetting Solutions will provide our client with a Certificate of Screening along with a Screening Report and a full compliance pack including all gathered evidence.

Once screening is completed, results should be kept secure by the client. Screening does not need to be renewed if the employee continues to work with the same employer. The exception for this is in the case of migrant workers, where a residence permit granting indefinite leave to remain has not been issued, the BPSS screening has to be renewed every 12 months for these employees.

How to start the process?

To start the process, all employees requiring BPSS screening would need to complete a Screening Application Form and provide relevant documents confirming Right to Work, identity and current address.

If your organisation requires BPSS screening for your employees, please call us on +44 (0) 1962 600 110 or contact us to find out how we can help!