What is BS7858 Limited Screening?

BS7858 Security Screening

If your employees require BS7858 Security Screening in order to start working for your organisation, you are probably aware of how important the prompt completion of this vetting is. In case this is something new for you, it may come as a surprise for you that a typical BS7858 security screening process takes about a month with some exceptional cases taking around 3 months to complete. This may sound like quite a long time just to get your new employee on site for them to actually start performing their role.

However, there is another solution available, which allows the employee to start working while BS7858 screening is being completed. Sounds too good to be true? There are certain conditions though.

Limited Security Screening

So, the answer to this problem is something called ‘Limited Security Screening’ which is permitted as part of the BS7858:2019 security screening standard. Limited Screening can also be known as ‘Conditional Screening’, as upon completion of Limited Screening the new employee can be offered conditional employment. The condition is that full BS7858:2019 security screening has to be completed within no later than 12 weeks after conditional employment has commenced.

What is Required for Limited Screening?

So, what are the minimum requirements to complete Limited Screening? The first requirement is a fully completed BS7858 application form, which includes the employment history for the last 5 years without any unexplained gap periods of over 31 days. Without the fully completed application form it is impossible to commence screening as we would not have the information to verify. Apart from the application form, documentation confirming identity and current address has to be provided. These documents should be in accordance with the SIA identity verification criteria.

Once all the relevant application forms and documentation have been received, we are able to commence Limited Screening by carrying out the checks below:

  • Confirmation of identity, current address & date of birth.
  • Confirmation of right to work in the UK.
  • Confirmation of SIA licence or evidence suggestion the applicant has applied for an SIA licence.
  • Financial probity checks, confirming whether the applicant has any negative financial information, such as bankruptcies, county court judgement or similar.
  • A minimum of three years career history verification, which can be completed verbally or with evidence.
  • A financial sanctions check.

Upon successful completion of the above checks, the employee may be offered conditional employment, subject to satisfying your organisations internal employment policies and procedures. Additionally, the terms and conditions of employment should clearly indicate that full employment may only be offered on the basis that full BS7858 security screening is completed with the allowed period.

So now that you know what Limited Screening is, you probably wish to find out how long does this take and whether this could be the solution for you? Call us on +44 (0) 1962 600 110 or email sales@security-vetting.co.uk to find out!