Right to Work Verification

According to the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, ignoring right to work checks and employing illegal workers can result in fines up to £10,000 per employee which you have 28 days to pay. What’s more your business details may be published by the UK Border Agency as a warning to other businesses not to take on illegal workers.
The cost and potential damage to your brand make these security checks a key part of your recruitment process. Thorough pre-employment screening might also include Online Identity Validation.  Since right to work verification has to be done before your new employee starts work, our accredited and professional team works quickly and accurately on your behalf to avoid holding up the intended start date.

Right to Work Service Summary

  • Right to work within the UK verification.
  • Passport MRZ code validation.
  • Priority verification facility – if needed.
  • If we discover an issue, we immediately advise you.

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