Online Identity Validation for DBS checks & Right to Work

In a previous blog post Our Government’s Plan for creating Digital Identities  we talked about the Government’s plans to bring in Digital Identities and covered the advantages of having one, the UK’s timings and its Trust Framework; and about Online Identity Validation pilot projects around the world.

One essential part of supporting digital checks in the future is, of course, the specialist technology which needs to be used.  And given the shift towards both hybrid and remote working, the Home Office has decided that the IDVT (Identification Document Validation Technology) used for remote checking during pandemic restrictions can continue to be harnessed.

This aligns with the Disclosure Barring Service’s proposal to enable online identity checking within their pre-employment DBS Checks for the Right To Work and will come into effect on 6th April 2022

What are the benefits of using Online Identity Validation?

Using an Online Identity Validation service employers will:

  • Be assured of the identities of their prospective employees.
  • Be able to take advantage of a consistent and secure method.
  • Reduce their risk.
  • Be confident about right to work validation.

Employees will gain from:

  • Being able to verify their identity remotely.
  • Proving that they are eligible to work (and rent).
  • Presenting personal records and documents remotely.
  • Reducing the time and risk involved compared to previous methods.

The employment process overall will gain from:

  • A speeding up on the recruitment and onboarding process.
  • Greater employee mobility.
  • Improved security and integrity.
  • A reduction in human error.

How will you access IDVT?

This will be done through IDVT service providers who will be able to apply for their certification for that role from January 2022.

Certification will be in step with the Trust Framework rules described previously and with the Right to Work, Right to Rent and DBS schemes.

The whole certification process and its management is overseen by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) and you can access a full overview of the UK digital identity and attributes certification scheme.