Basic Disclosure Checks for MOT testers

From April 2022, there is a requirement to have Basic Disclosure Checks for MOT testers before you can carry out your DVSA Demonstration test if you come under any of the following categories:

  • Newly qualified MOT testers.
  • Suspended MOT testers (2 or 5 years) who want to return to testing.
  • MOT testers who have not carried out an MOT test in the last 5 years.

Basic Disclosure Barring Service Checks, or DBS checks, must strictly be dated within 3 months of your DVSA test.

This is an extension to the rules which introduced security checks in November 2019 for those applying to be an Authorised Examiner (AE) or an Authorised Examiner Designated Manager (AEDM).

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, or DVSA, introduced Basic Disclosure Checks in order to protect the integrity of the MOT scheme which is further bolstered by the fact that MOT testing staff, managers and administrative staff must immediately advise the DVSA if they get a conviction involving one of the following

  • A prison/suspended sentence of 3 months or more.
  • A fine exceeding level 4 on the standard scale (currently £2,500).
  • A community service order (or equivalent) requiring unpaid work for more than 60 hours.
  • Any punishment outside the UK equivalent to these points.

The way in which the DVSA handles convictions and repute is described here Appendix 7: Convictions and repute .

Before the Demonstration Test

The Vehicle Examiner must be shown either:

  • A digital image or scanned copy of the Basic Disclosure Certificate.
  • The certificate number and the check code, (only available via the DBS check service for England and Wales).

How to source Basic Disclosure Checks for MOT Testers

Basic Disclosure Checks should be processed vis the Disclosure & Barring Service for people living in England & Wales, Disclosure Scotland for people living in Scotland and Access Northern Ireland for people living in Northern Ireland.

We hope this has been helpful and please do contact us if you would like help in securing your organisation’s Basic DBS Checks. We offer a fully managed or self-managed service. Sign up HERE and start processing checks straight away.