Training – A new requirement for BS7858:2019.

Why would you book the training now?

It is important to know that the BS7858:2012 Standard has been replaced with the new BS7858:2019 Standard which will go live when current Standard is withdrawn on the 31st March 2020. The new version of the Standard specifies that all staff engaged in managing the screening process should be trained to comply with the new Standard. We are now booking training courses for February and March and spaces are limited.

Why would you need the training?

Our training is in the format of a practical, hands on workshop to ensure all the attendees go away with the know-how and ability to complete files in addition to understanding the detail of the standard, current legislation and best practise. Typically, we would deliver the training course at your chosen location, however webinars with a real person presenting are also available.

Who would need the training?

The training is aimed at HR teams, Operation Managers and anyone involved in recruitment with responsibility for managing security screening checks in-house. Whether you are experienced in managing the security screening process or you have just been given the task, we are able to offer short and full courses to match your experience.

Would you need training if you screening is outsourced?

One of the requirements of the new Standard is that all staff engaged in the screening process should be trained. This includes all staff even if the screening process is outsourced. Our training focuses on key vetting requirements and will include application form requirements, record keeping and data protection needs; all of which would benefit organisations who carry out the screening internally or who are outsourced.

What sections are covered as part of the training?

Our practical course will train you on how to adhere to the Standard and cover in summary the following areas:

• BS7858:2019 screening objectives & scope
• The screening process – 7 steps
• Limited screening
• Application form requirements
• Support processes
• Record keeping & GDPR
• BS7858:2019 administration

We can also provide comprehensive back-up support including review of completed vetting files and access to our helpline.

Would you receive a certificate?

Upon completion of the course a certificate of completion and full course notes, including details of all relevant vetting check sites and processes, are provided to all candidates.

How to book a course?

If you wish to book our BS7858:2019 training course or you just wish to find out more information, please call us on +44 (0) 1962 600 110 or email to find out how we can help!