Driving Licence Verification

If your employees drive for work it’s your duty of care to ensure that they’re appropriately licensed. This applies to professional drivers, company car scheme “opt out” drivers, grey fleet and pool car users. Not only that, but you need to protect the validity of your insurance against employees driving despite revoked licences or excessive penalty points. Our driving licence verification service helps protect your organisation.
The status of a driving licence can change for several reasons – and in some cases without the driver knowing – so checking and validation of DVLA driving licences should be done on a regular basis. This reduces the risk of information which has been misinterpreted as well as intentional fraud or dishonesty.

Our Driving Licence Verification Service Summary

  • A complete a single or multiple verifications.
  • If we do find an invalid licence we will let you know within 2 hours
  • Automatic licence validity checks quarterly/6 monthly/12 monthly intervals as appropriate
  • Save time by using our automatic licence check mandate service
  • Cross referencing of the presented licence and our electronic record
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Discounted rates on volume checks

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