Digital Identity Verification Checks: The DIV Platform

The DIV Platform

1. User asked to prove their identity

2. User adds a photo of their identity

3. User scans their face in a liveness test

4. User's details accepted by Yoti in moments

5. Yoti reviews user's authenticity

6. Access authenticity report online / download

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For employers, organisations and landlords


What is digital identity verification?

Digital identity verification checks are the new way to confirm your candidate’s identity instead of seeing the physical documents. Your candidate’s identity is now digitally verified. Our DIV Solution fully satisfies the requirement as set out by the Home Office for Right to Work and Right to Rent checks along with the requirements for identity verification for all levels of criminal record checks. Once you’ve registered your organisation you simply select the correct identity policy level you need. Checks are simple, effective and efficient.

Identity Verification policy options:

  • DBS basic
  • DBS standard and enhanced
  • RTW + RTR
  • DBS basic with RTW
  • DBS standard and enhanced with RTW

Digital Identity Verification Benefits:

  • Speed
    Use a smart phone, tablet or desktop with results in moments
  • Quality
    Checks scan biometric data. Forgeries become a thing of the past
  • Reporting
    Almost instantaneous results for record safe storage
  • Scope
    Document checked from 200+ countries
  • Ease
    Over 90% of checks will now be straight forward

Our Fees

Fees 0-50 51-100 101-500 501-1000 1001+
With VAT £5.28 £5.10 £4.68 £4.08 £3.60
Ex VAT £4.40 £4.25 £3.90 £3.40 £3.00

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