Bespoke Screening

Do you need a Bespoke Service?

There are many reasons for getting security and vetting services:
  • It may be that your business is regulated
  • It may be business critical to have a spotless reputation
  • You might want to reduce costs by getting the right candidate the first time round
  • You may have discovered that an increasing amount of tenders call for vetting

Suggested Screening Options - please call to discuss.

  • International Screening
  • Medical Search – Press and Internet
  • Professional Membership and Qualifications Verification
  • Politically exposed persons list search
  • Financial Sanctions, Money Laundering & OFAC Searches
  • Right to work
  • 5 year career history
  • Financial background check
  • Driving licence verification
  • Basic criminal record check
  • Media Search
  • Proof of address

Need help finding the right service?

The requirements for screening and vetting services are not always that straightforward - which is why we’re more than happy to help with any queries you may have. Just get in touch.

What our clients say