Digital Identity Verification (DIV) for Online Identity Checks

Here at Security & Vetting Solutions, we are delighted that we have a new product to offer. We have partnered with Yoti and the Post Office to provide a full range of Online Identity Checks through our Digital Identity Verification platform, AccesSVS. Our partnership has ensured that we are one of the first to gain UKAS accreditation for the provision of this service. You can read more of the Government’s guidance here.

This means that Right to Work and identity checks can be completed remotely without the need for the candidate to present original documentation. This greatly improves compliance, saves both the employer and the candidate time and in today’s digital world affords quick, secure and remote verification.

Why is digital ID verification important to you?

The Government is already recommending that employers work with accredited Digital Identity Verification (DIV) providers for DBS checks and for the identification document verification for Right to Work (RTW) checks.

In addition, our platform will also provide a solution for landlords who are required to complete Right to Rent (RTR) checks?

The Government introduced temporary guidelines during the pandemic to permit documents shown by video. From September 30th 2022, this provision was removed.

It is compulsory that both employers and landlords are fully compliant in terms of having the necessary processes in place to verify Right to Work (RTW) and Right to Rent (RTR).

What are the Benefits of Online Identity Checks?

Also, did you know that 7 million people in the UK have to a complete criminal record checks every year? And that over 30 million people have to complete RTW checks? And when people start a new job they are asked to confirm their identity.

Having the option of an online identity check is going to provide such people with a way to securely confirm their identity without face to face meetings or by sharing their original documents. Accredited DIV solution providers like ourselves can do this in a safe and compliant way by:

  • Identity document verification
  • Facial matching technology
  • Liveness checks
  • Fraud checks
  • Address verification services

At a time when it is challenging to recruit, having the ability to take advantage of such digital checks will speed up the process of onboarding. Employers and employees will welcome the change.

For certain eligible applicants one single digital identity verification check will tick the boxes for RTW, RTR and criminal record identity checking requirements at all levels.

How will your Employees and Renters use the system?

Through our partnership with Yoti and the Post Office we can offer the use of specially developed and ratified apps. These are free to download which means your potential employees can use:

  • a smart phone
  • a tablet
  • a PC or Mac
  • Or go into a Post Office for in branch verification

The App is completely secure as they use multi-factor authentication. This means each piece of your data is encrypted, stored separately and protected by different codes which can only be unlocked by yourself.

How do Employers and Landlords Access the DIV Platform?

To issue and instruct digital Identity verification checks for employees and renters, please contact us to set up access to an AccesSVS account. Clients will shortly be able to set up their DIV account direct via our website too.

For helpful user information or register for updates, please contact us on 01962 600 100 or email

Please read a previous blog post we wrote about the creation of Digital Identities –