Understanding Digital Identity Verification

Understanding Digital Identity Verification with Security & Vetting Solutions Ltd and Yoti

Why have I been asked to share my ID with Security & Vetting Solutions Ltd (SVS)?

You have been asked to verify your ID for either a new employer, a criminal record check or to prove your Right to Work in the UK.

Why am I being asked to use an app/QR code?

SVS have partnered with a UKAS accredited company, Yoti, and the Post Office to enable you to carry out digital ID verification. This can be done through either an app, a web-based route or the Post Office.

What is Yoti?

Yoti is a world-leading digital identity verification company making it easier for people to prove who they are. Yoti follows a strict set of security guidelines in all of its operations and undergoes annual external audits to check and maintain standards.

Data Protection

What personal information is collected and why?

You will be required to scan proof of identity and current address using original documents. The app will collect these details to confirm your Right to Work and ID verification.

How will my data be treated?

SVS regard the protection of all personal data as paramount along with its lawful and correct use. Your personal data will only be used with your expressed consent. We give you our absolute assurance that your data will be managed in strict confidence and only a minimum level of data will be shared for the purposes of our service. For full details, please see our data protection statement at www.security-vetting.co.uk/data-protection-action-statement .

How can I delete my data?

You can delete your data from the app at any time. Once a check has been completed and shared with SVS, due to our data retention policy the identity verification document will be retained for up to a maximum period of after six months. Should you wish earlier deleted please contact SVS directly.

Can anyone access my data?

Your data is verified using artificial intelligence (AI). When you add a document and it cannot be verified using AI, a verification specialist may review it. They will do this in a highly secure environment under strict operating procedures. Once your data is verified, only you can access it – no-one else can see, store, or share it without your permission.

The Digital Identity Verification Platform

How does this process work?

You’ll be asked to take a photo of your ID and to take a quick scan of your face using your webcam or mobile camera. Using leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Yoti confirms you’re a real person by comparing your face scan to the photo in your ID. Other checks are carried out to make sure the documents are genuine.

What counts as ID?

You’ll need a government-approved photo ID. Yoti accepts documents from over 200 countries, such as passports, driving licences and national identity cards. For more information, see DBS digital identity verification guidance – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

How do you check that a document is valid?

Our verification partner, Yoti, reviews the document’s security features, such as barcodes, holograms, document numbers, and Machine Readable Zones (MRZ). It verifies ePassports using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Yoti also verifies the document is real via database checks and shows no sign of tampering.

Can I confirm my identity if I don’t have a webcam?

Yes, you can upload your ID using your mobile phone. To continue the process on your phone, simply scan the QR code with the device. You will be redirected back to the website that asked you to confirm your identity once this is complete.

I can’t get a clear photo. What should I do?

Make sure you’re in a well-lit area and that the camera on your device is clean. If you’re using a laptop or tablet, we recommend you use your phone.

How long does it take to check my ID?

It takes just minutes to complete the check and the results are usually immediate.

What happens after I have scanned my ID?

Yoti will check your ID and let you know once the process is complete.

Can I upload an existing image of my ID?

No, you must take a photo of your ID document live. Don’t worry if you don’t have your ID with you right now. You can stop the process and complete it later. The Law does not allow scanned copies.

Why was my ID rejected?

The most common reason for rejecting an identity document is low image quality. Before trying again, please make sure you:

  • Take a clear image without any glare or blur.
  • Are in a well-lit room.
  • Capture the whole document.
  • Don’t obscure the document with your fingers or hands.

What happens if my ID is deemed fraudulent?

If your document is suspected to be fraudulent, Yoti may keep the document in an internal database and share it with relevant law enforcement and anti-fraud bodies.

How does a face scan work?

The image is assessed by liveness detection technology to make sure you’re real and that it’s not a 2D image, bot or mask attack. Your image is then compared to your ID document using face matching technology.