DfT Compliant Security Screening (HCDG)

Workforce security obviously plays a key part in protecting against risks and threats whilst transporting High Consequence Dangerous Goods (HCDG) or high value cargo. As such it is vital to make sure that the people you recruit are not only suitable to the post but that they are also who they say they are.
This applies to permanent and temporary staff as well as contract or agency staff such as drivers, cleaners, caterers or security guards who are being given access to your premises.

Our DfT Compliant Security Screening Service Includes:

  • Confirmation of the name, date of birth and current address
  • 5 year career history vetting including employment, self-employment or unemployment
  • Independent verification of any employment gap which exceeds 31 days
  • Education checks as appropriate
  • Basic Criminal Record Disclosure
  • Optional Right to Work validation

Need help finding the right service?

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