Employer FAQ’s

  • What is included in BS7858 security screening?

    We offer vetting packages to meet the requirements of BS7858, tailored to the specific sector to account for SIA licences, the level of criminal checks needed and other variations such as length of employment history.

    All packages include as standard;

    • Core identity – name, address, date of birth
    • Right to work
    • 5-year employment history with verification of any gaps more than 31 days
    • Educational qualifications if needed
    • Verified written character reference
    • Financial security – CCJs, Insolvency, IVAs
    • Land registry
    • Financial sanctions
    • Undeclared aliases
    • Money laundering / OFAC
    • Company officer status
  • How long will a BS7858 screening take and what information is required?

    We know timescales can be critical when you are recruiting and we target completion of full screening, with supporting written evidence and certification, within 30 working days.

    If there are references to be obtained from abroad or your candidate needs to provide evidence to support periods in their career history this may take longer. In summary the following information is required.

    • A complete residential address history for the last five years
    • A complete 5 year career history with no unexplained gaps greater than 31 days in length – referenced or evidenced.
    • A character reference return.
    • Either a Basic Criminal Record Check OR confirmation of a valid SIA Licence.
    • A satisfactory Financial Probity Check.

    Of course we may be able to help push through checks sooner if needed urgently, just talk to us.

  • Do you offer screening to meet the BPSS standard?

    Yes, we have a vetting package to meet the requirements of BPSS, which includes;

    • DBS criminal checks - Basic level
    • Core identity – name, address, date of birth
    • Right to work
    • 3-year employment history with verification of any gaps more than 31 days
    • Educational qualifications if needed

    These are the minimum checks required to complete the BPSS standard.

    There are also optional additional checks that can be undertaken, such as different levels of DBS, passport MRZ code, international screening, further employment history, character references and financial checks and the vetting package can be tailored to your specific requirements.

  • With which types of security checks can you help us with?

  • What are the different levels of disclosures?

    If you would like more detailed information Disclosure Scotland has a fantastic table which shows you this (http://www.disclosurescotland.co.uk/disclosureinformation/index.htm)

    If you’re not sure which level of disclosure you need to request for your employees we are happy to advise, just get in touch via 01962 600 110 or our contact form

  • What’s your usual turnaround time for Basic, Standard and Enhanced criminal disclosures?

    Like other security and vetting services you will find that

    • Basic and standard Disclosures usually take around 10 - 14 days.
    • Enhanced Disclosures usually take up to 4 weeks
    • Standard and enhanced disclosure via our online system typically take 5 -1 0 days.
  • Why would we use you?

    We would like one of our clients to answer that question for you…

    “We have been using SVS for our vetting since 2011 and are extremely satisfied with how our account is managed. Whatever the request we always get through to someone who is very familiar with our account and our business needs. They deliver consistent results and proactively keep us informed and advised. They have also adapted their processes to meet our specific needs without issue and this has been much appreciated. Nina Nuumi, HR Assistant, TelecityGroup