Employee FAQ’s

  • Can I personally apply for a criminal record check?

    No, sorry, if a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure is required it is usually done through your employer who must use a registered or umbrella body such as us.

  • Which level of Disclosure will my employer need?

    Anyone is eligible for a Basic Disclosure.

    Standard Disclosures are usually done on people who will be working/volunteering in an environment where children or vulnerable adults are present less than once a week or 4 days in any 30 day period.

    If you are in more frequent contact than this you will often require an Enhanced check.

    The Government offer extensive guidance on this at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dbs-check-eligible-positions-guidance

  • Will a criminal record history affect my employment?

    This depends on your job, the nature and status of your conviction (spent or unspent) and your employer’s own policy. We supply the information for employers to make a decision.

  • How long will my BS7858 screening take?

    We aim to complete our search within six weeks of receiving your employer’s request. If there are references to be obtained from abroad or you need to provide evidence to support periods in their career history it may take longer.

  • What evidence can I provide that is suitable for BS7858 screening?

    For full information regarding this please click (link) to our download our BS7858 advice.

  • Why do I need a character reference and who can I use?

    A character referee is someone who knows your character and abilities and can vouch for you. They should also be aware of your employment history (not specific dates but a general idea of what job you were doing at what time period).

    They should have known you a minimum of 3 years, but 5 or more is better. They CANNOT be related to you by marriage or blood, live at the same address as you or be already providing an employment reference.

  • Why do I need proof of employment history?

    We may request this to prove a period in your employment history because we’re unable to get a reference confirming employment from one of your former employers (if they no longer exist, or are abroad, or decline to provide a reference).

    If BS7858 screening standard has been requested this is a standard requirement. Otherwise your employer has asked for it in order to complete the security screening process.

  • What happens if I just can't remember where I was working?

    You have several options:

    • Check back through your Bank Statements to see who was paying you when
    • Look for old payslips or other documentation
    • Apply for a Tax Office “History of Earnings” letter and see what it says. This is free and can be requested by calling 0845 300 0627 (Select the following menu options; 2,3,6 and speak to an advisor).

    If you cannot supply the information we may be unable to complete your security screening, which of course may jeopardise your employment.

  • What evidence can I provide if I’ve been unemployed for a period of over 31 days but not claimed any benefits?

    You could provide:

    • Letters, emails or other documents proving you were studying somewhere
    • Copies of Bank Statements for the whole period
    • Passport stamps or other paperwork proving you were abroad. (See “How do I prove I’ve been abroad inside the EU)
    • A Tax Office “History of Earnings” Letter for all of the Tax Years included in the period concerned. This is free and can be requested by calling 0845 300 0627 (Select the following menu options; 2,3,6 and speak to an advisor).
  • How do I prove I have been abroad inside the EU?

    You will need to provide:

    • Copies of paperwork confirming flights, tickets, boarding passes OR
    • Bank, Credit Card or Mobile Phone statements showing calls from abroad OR
    • Currency exchange receipts or receipts from purchase made showing shop details and dates.
  • What happens with all the information you collect on me?

    When your vetting is completed the file is passed onto your employer. No information will be shared with anyone except your employer and all our data is securely stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

  • Where is my information actually held?

    All data is held at our secured facilities and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Data is securely destroyed six months after the completion of your vetting unless otherwise agreed in writing by your employer.